The idea Why this map?

Digital advertising ecosystem is a mess with hundreds of players popping up, dieing merging, and breaking apart. Its a big value chain of services, products, and technologies with lots of vocabulary, acronyms, and barbarisms. Thanks to LUMAscapes, a fundamental tool for every E-marketers, we were able to get the big picture. But, we thought the LUMAscapes could be a little more interactive. Meanwhile, Crunchbase provided a “knowledge database” on the Adtech players but it did not show the relationship between them. The answer was a mashup of the two. And, we knew if we were looking for this map others were too. That is why we made our internal tool accessible to everyone!

About us Who we are?

Launched December 2012 in Europe, SUBLIME SKINZ is the leading skin-based digital advertising company. The Skin (a.k.a. HPTO or Wallpaper), is one of the best digital real-estates, with amazing viewability, Click Through Rates and Brand Lift. Sublime Skinz Technology (direct sales or programmatic) enables advertisers to run Skin campaigns on more than 2,000 websites worldwide, as-easily-as a standard ad format with premium branding KPIs and performance oriented business model. In May 2014, the company was honored as the ‘audience favorite’ winner during Launch: Silicon Valley at Microsoft SV Campus. With offices in San Francisco, Paris and London, Sublime Skinz is fully focused on international development especially on the US market.

We need your help to make this map better

This project was originally an internal tool that we decided to share. Please let us know if companies are miss-categorized or missing. We'll do our best to update the map.